Stainless Steel Pipe Induction Annealing

Induction Annealing Machine

Stainless Steel Pipe Induction Heating

Induction annealing equipment is a special equipment used to heat stainless steel online to 1050 ℃, and then quickly cool it to below 100 ℃ under the protection of hydrogen. 

Our Annealer is an equipment that is specifically designed for the purpose of improving the quality of steel pipes. Its main function is to anneal the weld seam in the steel pipe, thereby enhancing its durability and strength. The equipment is widely used in industries that require high-quality and reliable steel pipes, such as the oil and gas, construction, and automotive industries. The structure is simple, can be easily re-paired and replaced.

Main Cabinet (Power Supply)

The Main Cabinet including main circuit relay control, three-phase bridge rectifier and SCR inverter. The output frequency can be changed in the range of the nominal frequency as required. power adjustable range of 1% – 100% continuous heating and adopts soft start.

The main cabinet is a power supply which is an AC-DC-AC converter. Power frequency incoming line, three-phase AC voltage, three-phase four-wire 380V±5%; 50HZ.

Power Supply of Stainless Steel Pipe Annealing

Tank Circuit Cabinet

Induction Annealing Machine

It mainly consists of the intermediate frequency tank capacitor, the intermediate frequency matching transformer and the intermediate frequency sensor.

Water-water Heat Exchange Unit

In the HF devices, many components need the water cooling, such as water-cooled thyristors, capacitors, reactor coils, sensors and so on. It is equipped with the total inlet pipe, the total outlet pipe, which can be divided to sub-water pipes to supply water to components.

Water-water heat exchanger

Central Control Unit

Control Unit for Induction

The control part consists of the programmable controller PLC and the touch screen. The touch screen controls the power supply of IF equipment. It also controls the main circuit, heating, working status display and fault diagnosis display of IF equipment.

After the power is turned on, the touch screen will detect the communication settings with the PLC and display the main screen of the user operation. The user interface is divided into four interfaces. First, the device selection interface. Users can select the device to be activated through this interface and select to turn on and off the DP communication. Second, the control interface. Users can control the power supply, main circuit and heating of the device through this interface. Third, the status display interface. Users can view all parameters of the device through this interface, including voltage, current, power, frequency. Fourth, the error display interface, users can view the alarm situation of the device through this interface.
The PLC and touch screen are products made by Siemens in Germany.