Tube Stacking Machine

Pipe Stacking And Packing Machine

The pipe stacking machine include the following process: pipe loading, pipe laying & counting, up and down lifting, pipe ends alignment, bundle carrying out . The Tube Stacking Machine can stack pipe and tube automatically, max package weight can reach to 2tons.. It includes an automatic electronic control. This enables reasonable and higher automation, can run continuously 24hours, and is able to meet the speed 60m/min for the tube mill line .

It is suitable for square and rectangular tubes. For round tube we offer other models.

  • Working speed 10–60 m/min
  • Suitable for Tube Length 6 m bis 12 m
  • Max. power 15kW
  • Pipe Thickness 3,0–8,0 mm
  • Pipe Diameter Up to 150 mm
Automatic Steel Tube Packing Machine
Automatic bundling of square steel tubes