High Efficiency Resistance Welder

Hocheffizienter Widerstandsschweißer

ERW High Frequency Induction Welder

ERW High Efficiency Welder is a high-performance welding machine that boasts several unique features and advantages. This advanced welding equipment is designed to deliver high-quality welds that meet the requirements of various industries.

It adopts the IGBT technology in the rectifier part. The IGBT technology can make the ripple coefficient half lower than the solid state HF welding machine, which greatly improves the efficiency and stability of the machine.

We provide machines with power from 60 kW to 1200 kW, which can weld pipes with diameter from 8 to 398 mm and thickness from 0.2 to 15 mm.

Technical Data (200 KW-machine)

  • Model HESW-1-200
  • Rated Power 200kW
  • Rated Voltage 230V
  • Rated Current 1000A
  • Output frequency 400kHz
  • Ripple factor <1 %
  • Efficiency >95 %
  • Number of modules 4 Pairs
  • Dimensions of the welding machine 2350x1050x1960mm
  • Power factor ≥0,96
  • Efficiency of power distribution 200KVA
  • Supply voltage 360V-440V / 50/60HZ 6% Linearität
  • Nominal current of the incoming line 400A
  • Incoming cable 150mm²
  • Nominal pressure 0,25–0,3 MPa
  • Water flow during operation >25 m³/h
  • Cooling capacity >30.000 Kcal/h
  • Water flow during operation >25 m³/h

The control of DC motor, high-efficiency switch all-in-one machine and cooler on the welding pipe production line is concentrated in the central control board for the convenience of overall control. The display screen is established to show DC current, DC voltage, armature voltage, armature current, excitation voltage and excitation current indication and welder status.

Equipped with PLC control system and touch screen, our tube seam welding machine can monitor the machine’s operating information in real time, including power, DC voltage and direct current. In the event of an error, the controller immediately starts the protection system to prevent damage to the pipe seam welding machine. The touch screen displays the error alarm and indicates the source of the error. Inside the machine cabinet, on the control board, power board, and trip board, there are also indicators that show where there is a problem.

Stainless steel plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, indoor circulating water tank, water pressure relay, external cooling water interface, electrical control part and base.

The distilled water is used for internal circulation to cool the system. The ordinary water is used for external circulation to cool distilled water and finally achieve the purpose of cooling equipment.

Advantages of application in the cooling system of industrial heaters:

The internal circulating water is distilled water, so that equipment water line has no water scale, and does not appear the phenomenon of electric erosion, making equipment operation failure greatly reduced. The closed circulation prevents foreign matter from entry, so that the pipeline will not be blocked. It has small size, good overall performance and convenient installation.
Due to closed circulation of water line, water consumption is minimal. It can avoid the equipment failure caused by water condensation in summer. It is more economical than the air-water exchanger