Solid-state High-frequency Welding Systems


Solid State High Frequency Welder

QGT-1 series solid state H.F welder is specially designed for straight seam welding. It adopts high power components of US IR IRFP460 MOSFET and Germany IXYS Company DSEI60-06A rapid recovery diode. The high power capacitor C and inductor coil L compose current-mode parallel upper-voltage resonance circuit, which doesn’t need output transformer. Thus, it not only improves the efficiency, but also increases the reliability of the welder.
The solid state H.F welder has such distinct features as energy-saving, effective welding, simple structure, easy maintenance, low failure rate, low maintenance cost etc.

DC power supply

  • Power factor 0,85
  • Power distribution capacity 307kVA
  • Input voltage 380V / 50 Hz
  • Acceptable voltage deviation 6% linear
  • Ripple coefficient <1 %
  • PLC type SIEMENS
  • Dimensions 115cm x 95cm x 225cm
  • Weight 620 kg
  • Working temperature -5℃bis +50℃
  • Operating Humidity ≤85 %

Water-water Heat Exchange Unit

  • Distilled water Temperature <35℃
  • Cooling water pressure 0,15–0,3 MPa
  • Cooling water flow >11,7m³/h
  • Cooling system Übertemperaturschutz für Kühler
  • Resonance method Serie – parallel Komplexe Resonanz
  • Dimensions 130 cm x 125 cm x 140 cm (H)
  • Weight 465 kg

Central Control Unit

Control Unit for Induction

Installed with LCD, power and speed adjust module, the pipe line can be completely controlled by the central control unit.

  • Dimensions 105 cm x 95 cm x 135 cm (H)
  • Weight 250 Kg

Rectifier isolation transformer

It is the input rectifier part of the equipment. It reduces the input voltage from 415V to 200V to ensure stable power supply, at the same time, to insulate the power grid.

  • Dimensions 130cm x 80cm x 130cm(H)
  • Weight 940 kg